This Is How You Can Convert CO2 To Carbon Solid To Lower Global Warming


The world is facing the common issue of Climate change. The rise of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is the biggest concern, many steps have been taken to control climate change. Scientist from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, harnessed the technique to covert the Carbon dioxide gas to solid particle of carbon (coal) with the help of liquid metal creating the alternative pathway to permanently and safely removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in the room temperature with additional benefits of the carbon, it can hold electrical charge and work as a supercapacitor which will be used in future vehicle’s components.

As per the latest innovations, it captures the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and focuses on compressing it into a liquid form, transporting it to a suitable site and injecting it underground. Although this process has different challenges like the possibility of leakage from the storage site and issue around economic viability. As per the RMIT researcher Dr. Torben Daeneke, the more suitable approach is to converting carbon dioxide into a solid.

How does the Conversion work?

The scientist has developed the technique to convert the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to solid carbon particles in room temperature. The liquid metal work as a catalyst with a property of conducting electricity while activating the surface chemically. The carbon dioxide is dissolved in a liquid metal then charged with an electrical current. The Carbon dioxide slowly converts into solid layer of carbon, which are naturally detached from the liquid metal surface, which allow the continuous production with the other benefits as working as a supercapacitor which can be used in future vehicle parts, use as electrode and it also produces a by-product, synthetic fuel- which could also have industrial applications.

Indian based company called Graviky labs have found a such solution to reduce the pollution of ppm content form the air. They have tested and invented a device which captures the carbon content from the air and convert it to a solid form of carbon having the end result of carbon ink, which is further used to refill printer cartridges, ink markers and also artists are using it for their paintings.

With lakhs of automobiles running through our cities, ejecting harmful gasses and increasing the ppm content in air, such innovations are highly required and implemented across the globe. Greenhouse gasses are posing much greater threat than ever. With the ozone layer being depleting day by day we are very near to being burned by the harmful rays and heat of the sun.

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