Organizing Committee

Alexander von Welczeck_ocm_2019escc
Alexander von Welczeck 

Founder, President & CEO
San Francisco CA, USA
SkyH2O, Inc |

Dr Alexander von Welczeck is an innovator and entrepreneur in the Clean Technology & Renewables industries. He is a subject matter expert for clean technology corporate & business and renewables project development, and financing. As an industry leader he works closely with associations, investors, and strategic Global enterprises to accelerate the sustainability revolution. He has a 25+ year successful track-record at identifying, building and managing technology-based businesses with a focus on sustainable infrastructure projects.

Adam W. Whelchel_ocm_2019escc
Adam W. Whelchel, PhD

Director of Science
The Nature Conservancy/CT

Dr. Adam Whelchel’s twenty-six year career in leadership positions has catalyzed partnerships with strategic direction while with government agencies, private firms, academic institutions, and non-profits in the United States, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Caribbean, and Africa. Adam Whelchel is an author, facilitator and dynamic communicator called upon to assist diverse groups from around the world with team building, strategic planning, and community resilience. Recently, Adam served as the key facilitator on the Puerto Rico Climate Adaptation Plan and as a Lead Author for the U.S. National Climate Assessment. In addition, Adam is the principal architect of Community Resilience Building which has helped over 225 communities to date.

Robert D. F. Thomas

Director, Environmental Compliance
Sysco, USA

Highly regarded as a global leader in environmental stewardship, Robert D. F. Thomas, PhD.c., has built a stellar reputation by developing and implementing innovative risk mitigation and sustainability initiatives, as well as, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) engagement. Mr. Thomas’s broad expertise and collaborative efforts with key clients, stakeholders, and community leaders have helped deliver multi-million-dollar joint-ventures and mergers in the alternative energy industry, and his motivational leadership style has resulted in significant increases in the success of numerous initiatives. Throughout his career, he has developed and implemented innovative processes to ensure strict adherence to compliance policies and applicable regulations, with a particular emphasis on identifying and resolving emerging compliance risks. Currently, Mr. Thomas serves as the Director, Environmental Compliance for Sysco Corporation where he is responsible for the environmental performance of Sysco Operating Companies and U.S. Specialties; thereby, overseeing the development, the implementation and monitoring of environmental strategies, systems, policies and programs that promote sustainable development. Mr. Thomas received his Bachelors in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, his Master’s in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Masters in Environmental Law & Policy from Vermont Law School, and he’s currently pursuing PhD in Global Sustainability from Prescott College. Additionally, Mr. Thomas has also received Global Environmental Education from Cornell University and Executive Education from Harvard Business School.

prof_ashutosh mohanty_climate change conference ocm_episirus scientifica
Prof (Dr.) Ashutosh Mohanty

Director and Chair
Disaster Management and Climate Change Department
School of Management Sciences and Liberal Arts

Prof (Dr.) Ashutosh Mohanty working as Director and Chair – Disaster Management and Climate Change Department, School of Management Sciences and Liberal Arts, Centre of Research on Himalayan Sustainability and Development, Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh India. He did his PhD in Urban Environmental Governance & Management under advisory and research support from Prof Michael H. Glantz, Colorado State University, USA and MSc. in Urban Environmental Management at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. Last 15 years he has been working and associated with number of Disaster Management and Climate Change Programme in Himalayan Region or Costal region of South Asia and  lead number of Applied Projects in Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, India, China and Bhutan both technical and humanitarian aspects which could give me advantage to serve professionally and deliver my best towards this role.

Stefano Sgueglia_ocm_2019escc
Stefano Sgueglia

CEO & Founder and Environmental Scientist

I am a full-time Environmental Blogger/Scientist/Analyst - I am an Entrepreneur of the Digital Economy and I use the Cyberspace for divulging and promote the importance of the Environmental Issues. I am an Independent Location Person because I love travelling and living my life in complete autonomy and freedom. I also aspire to become a Digital Investor and help other Entrepreneurs as me in their adventure. During my blogging activity, I had the pleasure to collaborate with other Startup of the sector and providing consulting services in terms of product analysis and social media construction before their lunch on the market. I was a Wiki-Administrator for Waterpedia and a Writer/Moderator for EnviTrend (App news for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation). I studied for 4 years Environmental Science between UK and Netherland, I speak and write Italian, Spanish and English and I visited 16 countries around the globe. In addition to that, as a solo player in this war for the humanity, I meet incredible minds in the World Wide Web that who like me is ready to fight in front of the line and speaking about evolution and not revolution.

Engilna Mishra_organizing committee member 2019ESCC
Engila Mishra Maharjan

Pokhara University

Ms. Engila Mishra Maharjan has completed  Master of Science  in  Natural Resource Management from Pokhara University, Nepal on  2004 at the age of 23 years  and Second Master  of Science in Sustainable Energy  System and Management  from Flensburg University, Germany  at the age of 27. She has  worked in the field of  environment, energy and climate change  more than 12 years in South East Asia region  and published  a more  than  10 papers in reputed  journals.

mikwan zachary_ocm_2019escc
Mikwa Zachary

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)

Zachary is an environmental and social sustainability specialist with over five years of experience in environmental monitoring, sustainability integration, social impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, climate change finance, and research. He has worked as environmental monitoring expert in oil and gas exploration projects in East Africa, sustainability manager for various companies, and is now the sustainability initiatives lead officer at Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC). At KCIC, Zachary assists climate entrepreneurs with advisory services to help them produce sustainable products and services efficiently. He also assists with research and policy work, capacity building and program management. Zachary has a BSc. In Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management from University of Nairobi and MSc. Environment and Development Economics from the London School of Economics. He also holds various certificates and diplomas in the fields of sustainability, health and safety.

Khadiga Younis Abdelmola Abdelrahim_ocm_2019escc
Khadiga Younis Abdelmola Abdelrahim

Ph. D in the field of Synoptic Climatology, Saudi Arabia

She is working in the field of climate and climatic variations since 2000 in her master degree in University of Khartoum Sudan. After she received her Doctoral Degree in Surface synoptic types in the central Sudan; she was held a position of a head of Department of Geography in her home University of Bahri- Sudan (University of Juba before). She has many scientific papers in environmental problems and climate change in urban sectors, mainly in Capital Khartoum city;   and water harvesting as a tool of solving water shortages in the rural areas.

Ritwajit Das

Dr Ritwajit has extensive experience in public policy issues viz; in climate change, sustainability, livelihoods, urban, NRM, social enterprises and international development. He has ten years of international project management experience in Asia, Africa, and Europe. In the past, he has successfully managed sizeable scaled impact projects. He has directly worked with enablers and influencers like National Governments, Donors, Bi & Multi-Laterals, Research Agencies, Media, INGOs, and CBOs. Before GCCA he was working with UNDP, Deloitte, Sambodhi, Ennovent, South Pole, EVI and SEARCA. He is dedicated to work on climate change programs that reach beneficiaries directly, elevate their voice and allow them to hold institutions and providers accountable. He has MBA in Environmental Management from IIFM, Bhopal and Specialized Diploma in Urban Management from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He is a core member of The Climate Reality Project. He is a representative of The CT, GBYN and IPBES. Away from GCCA, you can find him working with indigenous communities on education and handicrafts in a small village of Shantiniketan, located in West Bengal, India.

Abiar Rahman_2019escc ocm
Md. Abiar Rahman
Dept. of Agroforestry and Environment
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

Md. Abiar Rahman is an expert on agroforestry, agro-climatology, sustainable agriculture and land use design. He is a Professor, Dept. of Agroforestry and Environment, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), Bangladesh. He did PhD and Postdoc in Kyushu University, Japan by getting award from MEXT and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) scholarships, respectively. He has supervised 17 MS and two PhD students in the fields of agroforestry, environment and climate change & adaptation. He has published 34 articles in different journals and attended 19 international conferences / seminars / workshops. He also implemented several projects on agroforestry and climate change funded by different national and international organizations. He has interest on function and service of agroecosystems under changing climate. He has experience on crop productivity in drought and saline prone areas of Bangladesh. He is working on designing of homestead production system for better livelihood, income generation, food security and living environment. He also emphasized the land-use and climate change impacts on ecosystem services and functions in different regions of Bangladesh. Recently he has wrote a book entitled “Deforestation in the Teknaf Peninsula of Bangladesh – A Study of Political Ecology”.

manzurul hassan_ocm_2019escc
M Manzurul Hassan

Professor of Geography and Environment

Dr M Manzurul Hassan is Professor of Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He received his MSc in Geographical Information for Development (GID) and PhD in Social Sciences and Health from Durham University, UK with the Commonwealth Scholarships Programme. His teaching and research encompasses groundwater arsenic poisoning, climate change and human health, medical waste management, water supply and sanitation, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Apart from his recent book on “Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment” from CRC Press (USA), he wrote a significant number of research papers and book chapters. He has also served as a consultant to several world bodies, including the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNICEF, and World Health Organization in the above fields as well as air quality monitoring, monitoring and evaluation, and environmental assessment. He is a member of several international and national professional bodies. He is an editor of several international peer-reviewed journals.

Ngwa Elvis Suh A_organizing committee member_ 2019ESCC
Ngwa Elvis Suh A.
Sustainable Trade Initiative
Cocoa and Landscape Programme Manager

With M.Sc. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management and B.Sc. in Environmental Science, Elvis has been devoted for over 6 years on environmental sustainability and climate change initiatives. In 2013 he worked as Project and Sustainability Manager for LISAP Ltd Cameroon. He served a part time teaching position at the University of Buea in 2015 and later as Deputy Director: Research and partnership at ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit studies in 2016. In 2016 he was recruited by FOKABS Canada as consultant: Climate and Natural Resource Analyst and later as Senior Climate and Natural Resource Expert, in advancing climate smart solutions in Africa. He currently consults with IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative as Cocoa and Landscape Programme Manager, Cameroon.

sharvari deshmukh-ocm-climatechange-ocnference-2019
Dr Sharvari Deshmukh

Dr. Sharvari Deshmukh has completed her BTech degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Pune University 2008, followed by a integrated Mtech  PhD in Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering from Jadavpur University Kolkata, 2015. After that she has done her Postdoc from University de Liege, Belgium. Her current research Interests are MEMS sensors, electronic nose, artificial intelligence and odor monitoring. She has extensively work on metal oxide sensors, electronic nose, olfactometers and odor monitoring and has undertaken projects nationally and internationally for industries like pulp and paper, tanneries, distilleries and Municipal solid waste sites for odor measurement and control.

Currently she is working as DST Inspire faculty/Assistant professor (research) at Centre for VLSI and nanotechnology, Visvesvaraya National Institute of technology. She has received 8 national awards for her contribution to research. She has 25 Internal journal and conference paper and patent to her credit with more than 8 years of experience in sensors and odor monitoring.