Do We Really Care About The Climate Change – The IPCC Alarm

“If we are the cause of the degradation, then we should be the cause for its revival also” – Anonymous

tinder receives more attention than  climate change and environment combined.

There are few societies, non-profit organizations and government agencies working day and night to revive our degrading environment and natural habitat. Rivers which had lived thousands of years couldn’t survive even 10 years before mankind’s greed. Out of 4000 New species discovered within 1996-2002, 60 percent of them have already gone extinct. Change in our climate, increasing global warming, increasing dependency on thermal energy or thermal power plants, deforestation, increasing plastic waste have changed our environmental conditions in the last few decades. Cities are striving hard to maintain cleaner air to inhale.

Changing our way of living, switching to renewable energy option, more clean and green energy production, planting more trees are the only options which can save our environment and our blue planet Earth.

Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and volunteers throughout the globe are trying hard to find new and alternative ways of energy production apart from the conventional ways. There are international conferences being held every year across the globe for such research growth and development. These conferences are generally named as 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference, World Climate Change conference, International Environment and Entomology Conference, Sustainable Development Conference, Corporate Sustainability conference, World Climate Change Congress. Many world-wide societies also take participate in such conferences and also facilitate such conference as being one of the organizing committee members.

One of such conference is the 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference, which is to be held in Singapore from September 10-11, 2019 with participants participating from across the globe.

Featured Speakers at the conference:

1: Alexander von Welczeck, Founder, President & CEO San Francisco CA, USA SkyH2O, Inc

 Title: SkyH2O: World-class Industrial-grade Atmosphere Water Generation (“AWG”); Making Water from the Air

2: Robert D. F. Thomas, Director, Environmental Compliance, Sysco, USA

    Title: The Human Sphere and Its Impact

3: Prof. Eugenia J. Olguín, President, International Society of Environmental BiotechnologyISEB (

Title: Microalgae-based biorefineries and wastewater treatment for the mitigation of climate change

Abstract Submission is still going on for the conference since the deadline is February 05, 2019. Be a part of the global congress to contribute for our planet earth. And this is not just we can do for our changing environment and climate, we can keep learning and growing so that effective measures can be taken before it is too late.

Go Green ! Go Clean !

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