A Promise to Remain Carbon Neutral – Bhutan


Bhutan - A small underdeveloped country sandwich between two of the most populated countries in the world, India, and China are struggling to survive the global climate change and its effects through the country itself is a Carbon Neutral one with a promise of remaining Carbon Neutral in the upcoming generations as well. 72% of the country is covered in forest which absorbs 3 times the carbon-dioxide released in the atmosphere technically making the net-output of the carbon dioxide to zero, which makes the promise stronger enough to remain carbon neutral.

In fact, there is a law “Article 5 Section 3: Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan”- The Government shall ensure that, in order to conserve the country’s natural resources and to prevent degradation of the ecosystem, a minimum of 60% of Bhutan’s total land shall be maintained under forest cover for all time.

As 72% of the country is in forest cover, hence Bhutan is one of the few remaining global biodiversity hotspots in the world, that’s the reason behind of carbon neutrality of the country. In the era of the threat of Climate change, Bhutan is all set to fight back with its uniqueness of natural resources.

The Country is developing economically without sacrificing the unique culture, environment, and biodiversity, the country stand-alone from the 195 countries in the world, 2. 2 million tons average of carbon dioxide is generated by an entire country of which it has net carbon sink of 4 million tons of carbon dioxide 3 times the normal. Instead of being carbon neutral they also stand forward to harness natural resources to offset tons of carbon dioxide. Generating renewable electricity form the rivers, offsetting 6 million tons of carbon dioxide and by 2020 it is estimated that they will produce enough electricity to offset 17 million tons of carbon dioxide if they harness 50% of the hydropower potential it will offset up to 50 million carbon dioxide a year. As we observe the world is getting warmer and the Glaciers are melting causing landslides, a rise in sea level and disaster across the countries have increased. Being the Carbon neutral country, they are carrying the burden which they are not part off.

Bhutan is providing free electricity to their rural farmers to stop the use of firewood for cooking food, have adopted sustainable transport and have subsidized the purchase of electric vehicles and led lights. The Bhutanese have a goal of entire government to go paperless with a Clean Bhutan and Green Bhutan by planting trees throughout the country. Half the country is protected as national park, nature reserve and wildlife centuries connected with a network of biological corridors which help the animals to roam around their country.

The question is if a nation is doing so many things to protect its environment and culture but still is one of the victims of climate change then is it right? We should start acting at this very moment to fight against climate change, global warming, increasing emission of greenhouse gases and environmental degradation.

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