Scientific Program

“Even if we start taking actions for our environment today, it will take another 3-5 Million years to achieve what we have today “

With growing environmental pollution, climate change, increasing global warming, solid waste disposable problems we are left with very few options of creating and finding alternate solutions for our problems. Few solutions are like moving towards renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy and geo-thermal energy which can reduce the pollution level drastically which is being created by the thermal power plants by burning coals in huge amounts daily.

Another problem in today’s world is of disposing municipal solid wastes as huge pieces of lands are being polluted due to landfilling’s. Municipal wastes contain mostly of plastic wastes which are non-decomposable substance and pollute the top soil heavily.

The 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change conference is one of such events which aims to have unique and scientific event to find possible solutions for our environmental degradation, rapid climate change and opting for more clean and green energy sources for better and quality living. The conference will have solutions to solar power systems, discussions on impacts and effective ways to reduce global warming, usage of different renewable energy sources or alternative energy sources. Top leaders from different countries will provide lectures on Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability so that a better plan for environment with simultaneous development can be performed.

You can Submit your Abstract here or Register here for 2019ESCC conference. Upto 20 CPD Credit Hours available for attending this conference. Hurry Few Slots Left.