2019ESCC Sustainable Meeting Poilcy

Guidelines for a sustainable organisation of 2019ESCC

I. Green Movement

The 2019ESCC and its collaborating partners have come to an agreement that there will be no or less use of paper during the conference, for the conference and by the conference and by its collaborating media partners. There will be more use of e-media where ever possible. These guidelines mentioned above are also applicable for the contractors, coordinators, venue proposals, committees and all 2019ESCC participants to use the available resources wisely. There will be continuous improvement in technology and more sustainable ways.


II. Recommendations and Actions


1. Carbon Foot Print

All Participants attending the conference of 2019ESCC are advised to take public transport to reach to the venue and as well as for sight-seeing after the conference.


2. Venue

The selection of the venue will be done keeping in mind that the public transport is easily available for airports or sight-seeing. A venue having energy efficiency system, waste management and resource utilization system will be considered for the 2019 Environmental Science and Climate change conference.


3. Arrangement of services

The management will try to minimise the use of printed material and will use the e-media whenever possible.In spite of providing programme book, USB devise and mobile app is also an alternative.Option for recycling of the badge and lanyards will be there at the venue.Recyclable banners will be used at the event.We will encourage the media partners and sponsors to minimise the use of printed matters.


4. Communication

We will make sure that conference agenda and guidelines are well communicated to all the participants before the 2019ESCC event.Your suggestions are valuable to us. You can suggest us to minimise waste and innovative ways to be more environmental friendly.The above guidelines and principles will be well forwarded to the local organizers and sponsors.


5. Catering

For tea breaks and snacks plastic cups, sugar packets, plastic cutlery will not be used. Preference will be given to fibre or glass materials or at least materials which can be recycled will be used.
Will encourage the participants and organizers to have regular water in reusable cups in spite of having bottled water.
Since food is to be served in mostly in the buffet style, we encourage for no food wastage and left over food is to be donated to the local food banks.